The Schedule For Making A Project Successful

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The schedule plays a vital role in making the project successful. It gives you an idea of what activities should be done in what time. Beside these it also tells about the activity that is done and the sequence in which activity needs to be completed. Schedule can be considered as an estimation part or prediction part because it is not an exact process. The schedule should be reviewed in a timely manner because of the uncertainty involved. The schedule develops as the project moves forward, changes arise, risks come and go, and new risks are identified. Cost estimating is the initial and most important part of the project. Cost estimate should be accurate, transparent and reliable because the resources are limited in any project especially…show more content…
Every activity has three attributes; its duration, the work effort and the resources. The secret is to estimate the work effort first, then the resources, and finally able to estimate activity durations. Purpose of the Report The main purpose of this report is to the highlight the following factors: • Estimating guidelines for time, costs and resources • Estimate activity resources • Estimate activity durations • Estimate costs and • Consideration for the Project Manager Estimate activity resources Estimating activity resources is the process of estimating the type and quantities of material, people, equipment or supplies required to perform each activity. The main purpose of this process is to estimate the types of resources needed for a given activity and to estimate the quantities of each type of resource needed for the activity. There are five inputs that are used to estimate activity resources which are described below: 1. Activity list This is the primary input to estimate activity resources. Each activity is studied properly so that appropriate resources can be estimated. An activity attributes includes the activity information like knowledge, skills and experience to carry out the activity .It also includes information like facilities, materials and tools. 2. Resource calendar It is used to reflect specific working hours, vacations, leaves of absence, and planned personal time for individual resources. It can be used

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