The School Board Meeting For The Schools Of Palm Beach County

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The school board meeting for the schools of Palm Beach County was overall an organized event. The meeting opened with different individuals simply sharing about some different events in the schools. The first speaking was a member of the board who spoke about HBCU and all of the potential and positives the school had. She was very passionate about her subject. The next speaker was a woman from the school who attended a school even about 9/11 where the boy scouts read all of the names of the victims in the cemetery and placing medal all of the graves. Mrs. Brill was very excited about the event and expressed her proudness and hope that the event will become a tradition. All of these speakers will well prepared and you could see their passion on the subjects they spoke to the board about. The next section of the meeting was the proclamations and presentations. The first proclamation was again HBCU. The proclamation said that September of 2015 would be historical black history month. This movement was followed by one that asked the board to make September 15th to October 15th 2015 hispanic heritage month. This movement came with a video about all the statistics about hispanic children in U.S. schools and an award given to the hispanic teacher of the year. In the next movement the board was asked to name September 17th constitution day and September 21st through the 25th celebrate freedom week. Following this the board was asked to make September National PTA membership month,…
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