The Scope Of Communication Essay

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Introduction The scope of communication has diversified in recent years - culturally, linguistically, and in delivery and form. According to some of the world’s leading researchers in English pedagogy, world societies have become “culturally and linguistically diverse and increasingly globalized.” (The New London Group, 4) As a result of these changes, as well as advances in technology, globalized communication resonates in nearly all areas of life in modern society. This ‘life writing’ as it is called takes place, often online, in social forums. With these diverse social forums come their own stigmas. For instance, Instagram - a photo sharing forum - contains its own lingo and modes of communication, it reaches particular groups within society and has a separate set of contributors than, say, reddit might. This leads to further sets of questions concerning social interaction. For the sake of this research, I have specifically analyzed a microcosm, or smaller digital community, within the context of the changing digital world. This community is includes a group of university students in Hawai’i who share a common interests in anime and the video games. The forum used by this community is called ‘Discord’, which is an application commonly used by online gamers to communicate with large groups from home. Within this research, I interviewed a close friend of mine who has been a part of this community for the past two years. While I came into the study with the

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