The Service Department At Marley 's For The First Time

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had used the service department in the past. This question was selected because it is believed that returning customers have a higher satisfaction level than customers visiting Marley’s for the first time. Before we test for equality of means we must conduct the Levene’s Test for equality of variances. The null hypothesis states that there is no statistically significant difference in the variance of satisfaction level with how well the staff kept you informed between first time and repeat customers. A critical alpha of .05 was used as it has been used for all previous tests. If the significance level is less than or equal to .05 we will reject the null hypothesis.

Based on Levene’s Test of equal variances, we accept the null …show more content…

Bob knows that his customers want prompt service and his service department will provide the customer with an estimated time for repairs. He believes his staff should always demonstrate a willingness to help the customer and should be responsive to the changing needs and situations of the customer. That being said he believes it should be necessary to update the customer on the progress of their service. While it was found that all three of the attributes in the reliability dimension had relatively high levels of satisfaction, there is always room for improvements. It was found that the staff’s ability to keep the customer informed had the lowest relative satisfaction and the highest relative importance within the reliability dimension. It is important for the customer to be informed because it ensures their confidence in the staff member’s ability to complete the work (Customer Service and Complaints). When the customer is provided with updates on the progress of the work that needs completing, it is believed that higher levels of customer satisfaction will be achieved. As stated before, all of the attributes within the reliability dimension have relatively high levels of satisfaction; it is recommended that Marley’s continue to improve on their responsiveness. While being responsive to customers was found to be relatively important,

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