The Significance of Firearms on the Cultural Identity of the United States

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In order to properly elucidate the degree of significance that firearms have on the cultural identity of the United States, it is necessary to briefly analyze the history of this country. The U.S. has only been in existence for less than 250 years; its other leading counterparts in Western Civilization, by contrast, have endured for over a millennium. Therefore, during the relatively brief history of this country, it is necessary to determine the role that guns have played in it. That history can be stratified in three principle parts: its inception during the Colonial War, its expansion to encompass the majority of the North American continent that was fully realized prior to the closure of the 19th century, and its current period in which it has expanded as a global power. All of these developments were exceedingly belligerent in nature and powered by the use of firearms. It is due to America's lengthy relationship with guns as the chief means in which the country was founded and expanded upon that ordinary citizens cherish the right to brandish firearms today, therefore accounting for its full ingrained culture of firearms. The inception of a country from a political standpoint usually involves a marital conflict of some sort, in which a certain group of people claim the land as their own for their purpose of governance. This inauspicious beginning of nations includes those in non- Westernized culture (such as those in Africa founded by colonialism) as well as those in

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