The Similarities And Differences Between California And Puerto Rico

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To compare the similarities and differences between California and Puerto Rico you would have to fully understand how they both work. How they were made, what the laws are, and how exactly the government functions. Many people know that Puerto Rico is a U.S Territory, although many people do not exactly know what that means. A territory is defined as an area of land under the jurisdiction of a ruler or state. The ruler for this specific territory is whomever the president of the United States is at the time. These territories are not single states and do not fall under the same jurisdiction as the states do. They have their own government that U.S. helps them run. Puerto Rico is about 29 times smaller than California. One state housing more than 39 million people is so much larger than a single territory. California is broken up into 482 cities. Four new cities have been formed since 2004. The largest city in California being Los Angeles currently has a population of 4 million people making it the second largest city in the United States. Puerto Rico coming in with only seventy-eight cities has a small total population of 4 million people. The largest city being San Jose with a population of 389,714 people. The city of Los Angeles has the same population as the entire territory of Puerto Rico. Putting the size difference between the two into perspective. The population helps the state and territory run. Without such a large population in California they would not be able

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