The Size Of The Student Body And The Campus

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The size of the student body and the campus, as well as the overall scope of the school, is key factors in determining a college or university 's educational environment. There are thousands of colleges in the world. Some near home, some out of state, and many out of the continent. There are some universities who populations are tens of thousands, and then again there are also even more colleges that have a very small population. There are many up sides to going to a huge college vs. a small one, and vice versa. The perks to going to a large college would be the certain experience of being apart of a giant population and meeting an enormous amount of people. The campus would also be much larger, thus being more classes and opportunities. Many would prefer a smaller college because it would be a more intimate experience. People would not have to be so worried about getting lost between classes, and there would be fewer students per teacher, making the learning experience a lot better. Though the two types of schools, some being larger than others, might have some of the same programs offered larger campuses have more variety. After a student finishes high school education, he, or she becomes excited about the idea of going to college. As a student begins to search for a suitable college, he or she must make a number of decisions centered on the dimension of the college he, or she wants to attend. The United States provides numerous alternatives, from small colleges with a

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