The Skills And Knowledge I Learned Through The Course

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Introduction The following paper will demonstrate the skills and knowledge I learned through the course. This course had taught me many things in leadership such as management vs leadership, emotional intelligence, team stages of development, situational leadership, servant leadership, and Myers-Brigs Personality assessment tool. Also, while taking this course, I also identified my dependable strengths as well as my areas of weakness. At the beginning, I will talk about my personal definition of leadership. Then, I will summarize my self-evaluation/self-assessment by using MBTI, Big 5, and Emotional Intelligence. I will also talk about one of my area of interest which is Emotional Intelligence.
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I’m an introvert which means I usually quiet and focuses on my energy. In sensing, I’m a very detailed person and I usually prefer to taking information with sound and sight. Also, I always make the decision based on the impersonal objective logic. Furthermore, my lifestyle is planned and in an orderly way.
Some of the skills that I have are related to the Big 5 that include communication skills and stability under stress skills. My communication skills are related to the extraversion in the Big 5 because I believe that I am good in communication. With good communication skills, I found myself easy to express my feelings and thoughts with others around me. I think it’s better to express my feelings to someone that I feel comfortable with. Also, I like to work in a team and people around me because I think teamwork always bring the positive results. For stability under stress skills, I think it’s related to emotional stability in the Big 5. I feel confident when I’m handling with stress. Also, I always calm myself when dealing with stress or pressure situation.
The skills I need to improve and develop on are critical thinking skills because they are really important for my professional career. Critical thinking skill has a big impact on decision making and reflects on the justification of one’s own beliefs and values. Furthermore, critical thinking is crucial for self-reflection which justify and reflect on our values and decision in every life.

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