The Slavery Of African American Slaves

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Imagine a life without education. A life full of work, and worry. A life resembling hell. African American slaves were forced to live without privileges, until they found a solution. Slaves found freedom in the church, where they could praise, sing and be happy. The church was a way to express their hardships and rationally deal with slavery (Du Bois, 115). The preacher was their “advocate” and someone they could relate to, and their feelings were in the music. The church was a place of security, where African Americans felt safe and comfortable (Du Bois, 115). Their faith in God became stronger through every worship, and the slaves were introduced to a new world, with a sense of safety. Although it seems like the African American’s were finally happy, there were also consequences. Some slaves were not permitted to attend church, so they proceeded with caution. Hand signals and passwords were sometimes the only way slaves can get into church. A few slave churches had strict rules about women attending, and some did not allow women at all. This led to slave women forming their own church in some cases. Since the church was a way for the slaves to feel freedom, religion among the African American slaves was the most important movement in slave history. Slavery evolved with the help of religion and, in some cases, is a key factor in the abolition of slavery among the United States.
Before slaves were transported to the new world, they were used to a religion not quite as

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