The Social Cognitive Theory Developed By Albert Bandura

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Advertisements in all forms of media and all across the globe, depict women in compromising and passive situations which can be dangerous too their personal safety. The Social Cognitive Theory developed by Albert Bandura says that “social behavior is learned and modeled through direct and vicarious observation, which includes observation of gender roles” (Prieler et al 28). A study conducted by Fransisco Pereira studied gender stereotyping in Spanish and Portuguese ads which showed that men are most commonly portraying dominant roles such as experts and interviewers, while women are not only much younger than their male costars, but promote products related to household chores and beauty products (277). Numerous studies are finding that depicting women in advertisements in submissive or stereotypical roles, the advertising industry is only aiding in societies perception of a woman’s lack of strength which can be dangerous to their safety. Francisco Pereira conducted a study that aimed to show the difference of how men and women are portrayed in television advertisements. The study looked at 86 bath and body product commercials, and out of 86 commercials, 53 depicted women as the main character, whereas only 22 men were shown playing the same role (Pereira et al 282) . Pereira also looked at 27 household commercials, and women were the main character in 26 of them. The study ultimately found that gender stereotypes were closely connected with the products and their use.
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