The Social Media Platform Facebook

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The platform itself The social media platform Facebook, founded in 2004 was first intended for local college students to have a place online to connect and communicate, created by Mark Zuckerberg at the age of 19 as he studied at Harvard University. A new era started at thirteen years later Facebook rose to become the world largest social media network, giving people the ability to communicate and share worldwide. Often used for friends and family to stay connected easier, express themselves and discover what is going on in the world. There are various ways how to use Facebook such as; searching, sharing, posting, displaying pictures/video, sending messages, playing online games, live streaming, etc. Understanding the users of a network…show more content…
Income and Education: It’s important to consider the level of income in your targeted groups, to make sure your prompting the right prices to the right people. Facebooks largest audience at 83% of adult make less than $30,000, 80% of adult make between $30,000- $49,999, 77% of adults who make over $75,000, and 75% of adults who make between $50,000- $74,999. As first intend for communication between college students it is no surprise that 82% of adults who have college experience use Facebook, 79% of adults who graduated college, and 77% of adults who received high-school equivalent or less. Audience Engagement Knowing target markets will help to identify what your audience will respond best to, the goal is to appeal to as many users as possible when making a post. Facebook has tools available in helping you target your audience to gain more engagement, the more interaction you are getting to your post allows it to become more visible to other users. Some engagement tactics include posting status, pictures, videos, and articles, where then people act by viewing, liking, loving, reacting, sharing, and/or commenting. The platform & the business Facebook allows your business or your individual brand to be processed in the marketing pool, easy and freely. Many detailed features and tools provided you or your business, offering instant communication, easy networking, marketing/advertising, and quick access. For a
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