The Social Security Act Of Nursing Home Facilities

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The past several decades, has shown and increased inquired interest on nursing home facilities, and making them more than just a facility, and more like a home for the elderly population. There have been a significant number of facilities that have actually strived to maintain an individual residing in nursing home facilities sense of autonomy; dignity and right over their lives in order have control over their own well-being. The Social Security Act, Sections 1819 and 1919 require facilities to be in compliance with federal requirements of quality of care and quality of life. CMS emphasizes on Person-Centered Care, Quantity of Staff, Individualized Approaches to care and Engagement of Resident and /or Representative in decision-making. These regulations are based upon values of respect and freedom for older persons in various ways to include an individual 's right to take risks or to make their own choices.
Several studies conducted under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services have examined quality of care and quality of life for residents that reside in nursing homes facilities. According to various sources, most residents of a nursing facility can have an improved quality of life. Nursing home facilities are moving towards the trend of facilities to be structured and set up to have an image of a “home-like” setting rather than an institution. Margaret P. Calkins, Ph.D., is a nationally recognized expert that specializes in assisting

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