The Social Skills Domain For My Research Report

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decided to focus on the social-skills domain for my research report. Social-skills development is a very important part of a healthy development in children. An important factor that greatly affects the growth of a child’s social-skills are the relationships that are first formed in their first couple years. This will essentially give rise to their future social and emotional relationship that they will form as well as effecting their social interactions with other people.
According to Bowlby, an infant’s attachment to a caregiver contributes to the foundation for all future social development. “He suggested that attachment is biologically-based and is intended to ensure that infants and children have enough support and protection to survive until they are able to function independently.” According to the Attachment lecture, Bowlby describes attachment as an enduring and specific emotional bond between an infant and caregiver, someone that is consistently present in the child’s life. Difference in attachment security is assumed to form the bases of later socio-emotional relationships.
At the last stage of Bowlby’s attachment theory, Bowlby claims that one of the most important skills that children developed is self-regulation. They begin to develop this at 2 and up. Self-regulation is the ability to manage one’s behavior so as to withstand impulses, maintain focus, and undertake tasks even if there are other more enticing alternatives available. Self-regulation underlies…
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