The Social Work Case Study

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Running Head: SOCIAL WORK CASE STUDY 1 SOCIAL WORK CASE STUDY 2 SOCIAL WORK CASE STUDY Name Institution Date Client System John Marcel aged 47 and his wife Alexia aged 39 have been one of my most fascinating neighbors for about fifteen years. The couple has five children, of whom two were in college, one in high-school, and two in primary school. Marcel was working as a heavy machine operator in a certain factory as Alexia worked as a bank teller in a certain bank. Over the past seven years the family has been living in an overwhelming peace free from major conflicts.…show more content…
We occasionally played chess on the balcony on Friday evenings after work. And his grooming, always in well-cut shirts-occasionally in a pair of jeans and polo tees. The Marcel at the bookstore was unkempt and evidently depressed. Something was certainly eating him from within, pushing him into alcoholism. But what was it? Apparently, there were promotions underway at the factory. Marcel had been optimistic to land a promotion since he was one of the longest serving machine operators at the factory. But that was never so. This made Marcel feel discriminated as even some of the most recently employed workers got promoted. He made several attempts to follow up with the factory management on the issue but all in vain. It later occurred to him through a close colleague that one of the junior employees had been promoted in his place due to the young man’s connection to one of the top management officers. This infuriated Marcel. There was nothing he could do to overturn the management’s decision. One of his friends, an alcoholic, noticed his fury and stress. The friend approached him and lured him into drinking as the best solution to his woes. But as soon as he was sober, the stress came back to haunt him. As a result, he had to drink more and more to keep the stress away for as long as possible, plunging into alcoholism. The research compiled in this paper attempt to unravel the causes, effects and feasible long-term remedies to alcoholism using John Marcel as a case study.
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