The Song Was Not Written By Rihanna

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Did you know that this song was not written by Rihanna? In the year of 2013, a Nashville-based singer songwriter name Mikky Ekko wrote this emotive ballad that landed in the Top 5 on 28 charts. This song topped many singles charts in different countries. The lyrics in this song brought about empathy and emotional responses, but the lyrics also added to how the media would now view Rihanna and Chris Brown’s previous relationship. This song is not about a previous relationship of Rihanna’s, but a song written by someone who thought the song sounded very vulnerable to himself. I will discuss what the lyrics mean in general, what the lyrics mean to me, and what the lyrics could be saying about intimacy.
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The lyrics in this song mean many different things to me. Although this song sounds very depressing, it could be mean something harmful. “Round and around and around we go.” This could mean rounds and round of love matches or possibly rounds in boxing matches. One line, in particular, caught my attention. “I’m the only one who needed saving cause when you never see the light it is hard to know which one of us is caving.” This caught my attention because it could mean they maybe they are teaching each other about love; She could be telling him that maybe she stayed by his side because of the attraction and emotions, not sex. I think that she think that he is the only one that could fill the emptiness that she feels inside. No one really understands where she comes from but her lover.
As one can see, this song is about love. Some lyrics in this song show that no matter what two people could be going through in life, love will always be there. Love is not a walk in the park, there are many obstacles, but the physical attraction will always be there. This emotional love song is personal, but it is also telling a love story. The lyrics are showing how powerful and authentic love can be in relationships or in general. Falling in love is not something that can be planned, and that’s exactly what Rihanna did not do. She did not plan to fall in love with her lover. Falling for someone is something that happens. The attraction and time spent with her lover caused her to

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