The Sources of Robert Mugabe's Corruption

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As a life of a young boy Robert Mugabe was growing up to hate the British colony that had settled in Zimbabwe. With the struggle of limited education and certain life styles, Mugabe was left to tend the family farm and raise money for his family by doing jobs in the town he lived in. After his father mysteriously disappeared one afternoon, Mugabe was alone with his mother and two siblings to fend for themselves (Robert Mugabe Biography). No wonder this man hates the British colony that settled, after they did his life was ruined, or so he thought. Now what used to be a beautiful Zimbabwe was ruined and destroyed, but not only by the British intruders, but by Mugabe himself. He became powerful and cruel to all of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is corrupted in many different ways, bribery, military, prostitution, and even their Prime Minister. Since Mugabe's election in 1980 he has ruled his people with violence and intimidation. Mugabe has since been the only leader in Zimbabwe. Gold and Diamonds, Zimbabwe’s best natural resources, fueled Mugabe’s candidacy with money (Robert Mugabe Biography). Mugabe wanted to rule “his” country and have people live like he wanted them too, but most of all he hated the British colony and all whites in “his” country. He made it his life goal to threaten all intruders and whites, an all out genocide. Mugabe’s hatred for the whites led him to kill 20,000 civilians thought to have opposed him. In only five years Mugabe had managed to murder many

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