The South Florida Educational Federal Credit Union

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All I can do is stare at the clock. Since 7:20 in the morning I’ve been waiting for the bell to ring at 2:20 in the afternoon. I know I go to one of the top nationally ranked schools, Coral Reef High School, but wow, I am sure eager to finish up my junior year. This summer is going to be different; I’m going to complete my internship at the South Florida Educational Federal Credit Union (SFEFCU). In Coral Reef you have to be part of a magnet program, I’m in business and very well known in the academy. Most people see my face at events, meetings, and around the business hallways doing my job as Vice President for the business club: Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). Everyone expects more from an FBLA officer, which made me so proud to be an intern at the SFEFCU. They only accept 16 out of 300 business students and each intern has to pass three tests, and two interviews- very prestigious. The bell finally rang and now I’m free to summer.
The sweet atmosphere of the SFEFCU Kendall branch makes working for them a pleasure. I met all the other 12 interns and we instantly became best friends. The first three days are amazing. I feel so intellectual knowing how a credit union is ran and knowing I’ll be able to do hands on work by next week. Except it isn’t at the Kendall branch but Homestead, my surprise placement I didn’t even know existed. I was so confused that I requested to switch to Kendall, not much of a change was possible but I would be able to spend two days at…

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