The South Korean Beauty Skin Care Regime

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The South Korean beauty skin care regime has been becoming increasingly popular in the United States and Europe. The products specific branding makes consumers feel like they are using the finest skin care and beauty products of this day in age. These beauty products imported from South Korea have become a trend in western culture because they are affordable to the everyday person and advertise perfect skin with a multi-step process. Most South Korean people are portrayed in the media to have perfect skin and natural makeup, which people in the United States are drawn to in these beauty products. Beauty products imported from South Korea influenced a wide audience of people residing in the U.S. because it is an easily accessible and cheap…show more content…
The government of South Korea has openly shown support for the mass-marketing of South Korean beauty products. Innovation is pivotal to the overwhelming success of Korean Beauty overseas. With original ideas such as BB Cream, Cushion Foundation, and sheet masks; this beauty trend has grasped onto the United States attention on what the next big thing will be. BB cream was introduced into the United States in 2011 and completely made a new category of makeup. The reason for the popularity is because it appears to be a natural makeup look (appearing to wear no makeup) while still wearing makeup. The cushion foundation has skin care and makeup mixed in just like BB cream. The cushion foundation is different in that its product is soaked into a sponge and is applied with a cotton round applicator inside a compact. Ingredients like snail, volcanic, and gold are eye catching and are used to show how “exotic” Korean beauty is. Sheet masks made their debut first in Korea and slowly made their way into the U.S. The popularity that they possess is due to the nature of which they are used. A regular face mask must be washed off and applied with your hands, putting more work on the customer. Sheet masks are essentially a one-step process that is put on without having to wash off excess after usage. The steps to a Korean Beauty routine have been narrowed down to many as it follows: “Makeup remover, Cleanser, Exfoliator, Clarifier, Masks, Essence,

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