The Square The Egyptian Revolution

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Revolution is to my knowledge the determined and forcible action of overthrowing a government, by the great people they rule amongst, in favor of emplacing a new system. By being familiar of this, I knew the documentary “The Square: The Egyptian Revolution” would not fail my expectation. I expected that the great Egyptians would face a great deal of challenges that they together would overcome. I knew if changes were going to occur it would be in the cost of tears, emotion, pain, and the loss of lives, which is all that the producer added to get the full emotions of the viewer. I also love the way the documentary gave the viewers multiple points of views that explain the reason of action on each side. The Documentary begins in Tahrir square during a sit-in waiting for the resignation of their unfit 30-year dictator Hosni Mubarak. At this time the two groups who religion separated the Egyptians were Christians and Muslims, but at this point of time everyone seemed equal. Finally,…show more content…
The military were able to take over Tahrir Square, which was a place of pride and dignity that some would say “where a tent and a blanket can solve all problems” and the control of the media, which covered up most of the brutal crimes done by the government. Soon the two religion groups began to set their selves apart from one another, after it was confirmed that the Muslim Brotherhood made an agreement with the government to terminate their actions in the revolution if given a spot in the next parliament election. I believe this action was cold hearted and dishonorable that they view themselves as Muslims other than Egyptians. The revolutionaries continue to fight for a great leader and a new constitution against the government and their thugs without the help of the
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