The Starbuck 's Board Of Directors

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The Starbuck’s board of directors is normally comprised of 12 directors, but due to current succession planning of a board member there are currently has, two of which are internal members of the Starbucks Company; the remaining independent, external directors meet the independence requirements set forth by the Nasdaq Stock Market. These highly qualified directors bring an immense amount of external insight and experience to the Starbuck’s board. Each member of the Board of Directors is chosen for their level of experience in the food and beverage industry, consumer products and food service industry, brand marketing experience, international operations and distribution, domestic and international public policy, digital and social media…show more content…
She also brings international experience with her as well, as she led McDonald’s Corporation’s worldwide marketing efforts and global brand strategy. Qualities that are critical for Starbuck’s need for emerging global markets. Robert M. Gates, 72, is an external board member and has served on the board since May 2012. He has a long history of working for the Executive Branch of the U.S. government. This political knowledge could be very helpful, while guiding Starbuck’s leaders through the political obstacles most company face. He is also on the board of the Boy Scouts of America, and was previously on the board of Texas A&M University. Starbuck’s could utilize these connections to promote their youth skilled mentoring hiring practices. Mellody Hobson, 46, is been an external board member since February 2005. She has served in several positions at Ariel Investments, LLC, an investment management firm. Her knowledge base could be instrumental in guiding Starbuck’s investment decisions. Ms. Hobson also works with several civic and professional institutions, including the Chicago Public Education Fund and After School Matters, a program that provides teens with “high quality out of school time programs”. These endeavors align consistently with the values Starbuck’s strives to encourage in others. Kevin R. Johnson, 55, is an internal board member, serving since March 2009 and has served as President and
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