The State Board Of Nursing : Nursing Theories, And Historical Figures That Have Impacted The Nursing Profession

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In this paper we will explore many different things that effect and have contributed to the profession of nursing including but not limited to different agencies, nursing theories, and historical figures that have impacted the nursing profession. Discussion Within most professional careers one will find different organizations and agencies. However, each of these serves a different purpose to their respected profession. Regulatory agencies are not membership based and the primary function is to protect the public. This is accomplished by establishing requirements for the respective profession. The Indiana State Board of Nursing (ISBN) was established in 1905 and is a non-voluntary regulatory agency that oversees the licensures of…show more content…
The funding of the Indiana State Board of Nursing is through the licensure of qualifying nurses (Indiana State Nurses Association). The Indiana State Nursing Association (ISNA) is a voluntary professional organization that is funded by its members and was established in the state of Indiana in 1904. The ISNA is responsible for the establishment of the Indiana State Board of Nursing. The ISNA lobbied for its establishment to not only help protect the higher standards they wished to establish in the nursing profession, but to protect the public by holding this profession to a higher standard of professionalism. ISNA supports the American Nurses Association’s professional standards and Code of Ethics, which will be discussed later in this paper. Continued educational programs are promoted by the organization in an effort to maintain a higher level of professionalism among its members. The Indiana State Nursing Association is represented by a spokesperson that is passionate about one’s career and legislates for the betterment of all nurses as well as the safety of the public. This is accomplished by working with law makers to help with wording and insight in the field of nursing. The aforementioned spokesperson represents nurses in the public, professional and other government arenas. The ISNA is an advocate of financial equality, as well as impartiality for the nurse in the workplace and is an essential member of the American Nurses
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