The State Of Odisha

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Mostly we find three categories of farmers in the state of Odisha according to the accessibility. These farmers sell there produce through different supply chain channels. The farmers who have land near the city suburbs sell there produce in the main city mandi (known as ‘Hatta’) or else they directly sell their produce to the hypermarkets (Reliance Fresh/Big Bazaar and government operated vegetable outlets (Veggie Kart/Udyan fresh). In some cases the logistics is provided by players such as Reliance fresh, and a few government operated chains like Veggie kart, farmer have to transport their produce at specified location. Farmers receive their payments within two weeks, depending upon the rules of the different companies.
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For that purpose he charges a 6% commission on the selling price which is priory fixed by the market. The logistics is taken care by a local villager/transport agency, whom they trust and have a mutual agreement on the price (approximately Rs.35 per crate of 20kg for a distance of 150km). The farmers receive their payment through the same logistics person whom they hand over their produce for transportation purpose and hence farmers do not have to burden themselves to receive their payment from the market. The crates are tagged properly and the bid amount is transferred within 1-2days of auctioning.
Tomatoes thereafter are transported to the respective retail chains of each trader which generally are the nearby cities and local areas. Further these retailers transport tomatoes to city markets or local retailers where it reaches the end consumer. When it comes to the cities, the tomatoes are sold to the consumer through different channels like the Bhajiwalas, Hypermarkets etc. 6.3. Case 3: Supply chain of Tomato in Patancheru, Hyderabad:
The boom in IT industry had led the city of Hyderabad expand multi-fold within the span of few years to accommodate more and more IT SEZs and other entities that get along with this industrial development. One such town that has witnessed tremendous development in last few years is Patancheru which is in close proximity to one of the IT hubs of Hyderabad – Gachibowli. There isn’t in doubt about the

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