The Stereotypes Of Dishonesty And Flawless Relationships

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Growing up, many have experienced that flawless relationship, whether it involves being a contributor to one or just simply examining others. Watching movies, such as The Notebook, gave us such extreme hopes as to what to expect when it came time for dating to become a part of our lives. Sadly, once that time had arrived, dating made an unexpected turn for the worst.
Relationships tend to be dishonest. Having gone through a relationship, I understand what it is like to be involved in a relationship like so with the person I once thought I could trust. Because I was proven wrong, involving myself in another relationship, especially this early, is going to be really rare. Having conversed with some friends who have gone through the same instance, they say that they will probably not jump into another one until their career is set and their life is intact. The dishonesty is mostly associated with not being told where or who the significant other is with or just blatantly lying about it and saying they’re somewhere they aren’t. That idea of dishonesty tags along with the idea of having
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Men are the ones who have the pressure of asking people out on dates, and Remound Write III says that is one of the main reasons men don’t date anymore because they are afraid to be rejected. He also says that men have the pressure of coming up with what to do on dates and is always scared that it is not enough, so men would rather just get around than commit to one person and have to impress them everytime they go out or just hang out in general. But let’s not forget about the expectations men have on woman. According to men, women are supposed to do the cooking, cleaning, and much more. There are women out there that possibly don’t know how to do either. It’s okay to rely on each other, but when it comes to expecting the other to do something, then it becomes an unhealthy
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