The Story Of Survivors By Kim Adonizio

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The story of “Survivors”; written by Kim Adonizio tells a perspective of a homosexual man who ponders the issues of dealing with his dying lover’s family, while having to fight with societal pressures alone. They both have contracted the AID’s virus and he has a possibility of dying first. The irony in this story is that this young man wants to die first. He finds that dealing with the societal pressures of homosexuality is too much in a world that is much less accepting of the LGBT community in 1995. Society has already placed a strain on those that are heterosexual, so the amount of abuse that a homosexual person may feel can be great. Adonizio presents these many issues the gay community deals with in society in a very tightly pack paragraph. Although this story is short, it causes the reader to be faced with many different occurring themes. These themes are very easy to miss sense they all hit the reader seemingly at the same time. The central theme of this story is that some homosexuals dealing with the pressures of society face child abuse, unacceptance and early death.
For many members of the LGBT community, especially homosexuals, they usually discover their sexuality at a very young age, just like one of the characters in “Survivors”. While many of them chose to hide it from family members and friends for various reasons, others unknowingly display stereotypical characteristics of a gay person. These characteristics could be anything from a young boy
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