The Story Of The Great Story ' Late August ' And ' School '

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It 's late August and school is about to start, everyone 's thinking of the great story 's their going to tell their friends when they get back. I had the perfect story to tell, my dad had just bought a motorcycle for my brother and me. The story, started off with a garage sale. In my family we all get together to help the Grandparents of the family have a garage sale. We were all together at the end of the day, except my dad, and Aunt and Uncle, who were in the Cities. They were coming back to day, much to our excitement. The sun was setting behind the big maple tree in the front yard, and a dark truck, with its headlights shining through the darkness was coming our way. “Dads back!” my brother yelled in excitement, catching everyone 's attention. We ran out to go meet the truck as it came to a stop. Our dad got out and told us he has a surprise for us. We followed him back around to the back of the truck. Dad pulled the tail gate down, and I looked on in surprise. “It’s a motorcycle!” Mom 's not going to be happy. Those were the first thoughts that came to mind as the miniature motorcycle was being lifted out of the truck. It looked just like the motorcycles I 'd seen around town but smaller, the perfect size for kids. It was cherry red and about 3 feet long and 2 feet high, it looked so small but awesome none the less. We didn 't get to drive the motorcycle that day because it needed to be tuned and my dad wanted to make sure it safe for us to drive. After we

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