The Story of Russ and Ashley

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Life is beautiful, life is horrible, life is always a paradox as people try to make sense out of everything that happens to them and as they focus on making the best out of every situation that they come across. This is a story about Russ and Ashley, two persons who loved each-other more than anyone could ever understand. Love is a constant concept and it always brings out the most intense feelings in all people who experience it. This is in order for you to understand exactly why these two people loved each-other beyond human understanding. They planned a 9 day trip to Italy, the land of love, and the place where fate would have a decisive influence on their future together. While Ashley never left the country until this trip, Russ was very experienced in travelling and the actual point of the journey seemed much more important to him in comparison to Italy's beauty. Nothing could compare to his soul-mate's smile when she saw him and this is why he always tried to make her smile. Ashley did not know about Russ plans and simply wanted to enjoy the trip next to the person whom she loved most in the world. Russ wanted to take advantage of the land of love and passion in order to ask his loved one to marry him and preserve their love until the end. Russ is the kind person who has a lot of life experience and simply wants to enjoy the beauties of life because he is well-acquainted with its fragile nature. He has seen things that you can only imagine, as he spend five years

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