The Strategies Of Samsung Mobile Phones Essay

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I am very obligated to,Dr. Mitushi Singh for her important inputs at the different phases of the venture and for giving profitable exhortation in outlining and executing different examination instruments to gather significant information. I am appreciative to those people who gave in their valuable time in filling the survey and giving their massive participation without which the undertaking would not have been conceivable. At long last, I would like to express that the task satisfied a scholastic prerequisite, as well as help me in future attempts in the years to come LUV SURI DECLARATION I the undersigned seriously pronounce that the Report of the Project Work entitled RBANDING STRATEGIES OF SAMSUNG MOBILE PHONES, is based my own particular work completed over the span of my study under the supervision and direction of Dr. Mitushi Singh I announce that the announcements made and conclusions drawn are a result of my Project Work. I further pronounce that to the best of my insight and conviction the Project Report does not contain any part/work which has been submitted for the grant of Bba(m&s) degree. (Signature of the Candidate) Name of the Candidate : LUV SURI Enrollment No.-A3914714002 CERTIFICATE BY GUIDE This to guarantee that the Report of the Project submitted is the result of the
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