The Structure And Culture On An Organization 's Performance And Pobl As A Not For Profit Organisation Essay

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The aim of this essay is to summarise the relationship between the structure and culture on an organisation’s performance and Pobl as a not for profit organisation. Pobl is a mental health charity founded on the idea of ‘People helping People’. It was established by David Bentley-Miller, who had experienced a mental health illness and found that there was insufficient support, consequently, he started a charity with like-minded people to aid those who were also affected. The charity also supports a food share scheme, Mental Health for Armed Forces, and Mental Health training courses for companies, which also financially supports the charity.
The relationship between structure, culture, and people has a huge effect on an organisation’s performance. It can boost employee’s moral, help set the guidelines and ethics of a company and increase the efficiency of the company’s workload.
Organisation structure
An organisation structure is a system in which the employees of an organisation are sorted to define job roles, responsibilities and to show them who they report to. There are many ways in which modern day businesses can structure themselves, it can depend on many factors; how large the business is, how many people it employs and what day to day business activities require. Large businesses tend to have tall hierarchical structures based on products/functions whereas smaller businesses will have flatter structures. It is important to note that there is not one

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