The Success Of A Company

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The success of a company is highly dependent on the workers associated with the company and their intellectual capital, it is what gives them the potential of becoming a leader. The word leadership ties numerous thoughts all being different. Many people see it as motivating a team of individuals and getting them to work toward a common goal. Whereas others see it as guiding a team toward a particular task. All these thoughts have a general sentiment which remains the same; leaders are ones who inspire others as they reach the goals they aspire towards. Softnoodle, a high-tech company based in Toronto are distressed looking into the future leaders of the company which is due to the senior executives retiring. Softnoodle is keen on seeing the company flourish in future endeavours, which is why they are looking into implementing the high potential (HIPO) employee program. Junior employees will be carefully monitored throughout the extent of this program. This program will ultimately help in identifying the superb and outstanding leaders. These leaders will be offered enhanced opportunities to enhance and develop their leadership skills for future placements. The leadership Talent Strategy Group (LTS group) is an advisory firm specializing in helping find solutions related to leadership. The LTS group will be helping Softnoodle in finding solutions, the focus is to identify and delivering a strategy that will help in the finding of leaders for the future of Softnoodle.
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