The Success Of Apple Software Corporation

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Christine Carnes MGT 303 July 26, 2015 Rich Abshier The Success of Apple Introduction A successful company is like a well-engineered and constructed building. The foundation of the building is well grounded – powerfully anchored to the concrete base and the steel that will support the building. Amid the systematically arranged infrastructure, is the steel skeleton made of cement columns and beams that will support the outer facade. In like manner, a successful company begins with a vision and a mission statement. These two critical elements define what an organization values, and they set clear goals and objectives for every employee to achieve. The Apple Software Corporation is indisputably one of the most successful and profitable companies both within the United States and abroad. In essence, Apple 's value, as determined by its stock price, was $728.35 billion, as of June 2015 (Elgan, 2015). Comparatively, the market value of Apple exceeded the world’s second most valuable company, Exon-Mobile, by a ratio of nearly two to one (Elgan, 2015). With due respect, the Apple Software Company has triumphed in corporate America due to their unique corporate culture - deviating from some of the basic fundamentals that define other business cultures. Some factors contributing to the success of the Apple Corporation can be found in the company’s initial organizational strategy, the leadership techniques used, the leadership’s ability to motivate the workforce and
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