The Sustainability Of An Organization Through Public Relations

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Clearly shown within this paper there are many factors that determine the sustainability of an organization through public relations however, this point will seek to outline how credibility within PR can reflect an organization. Public relations emphasizes its importance through credibility which can be displayed through the management of relationships and reputation. Credibility can be established through a variety of methods within an organization, one method is through Corporate Social Responsibility. This can be identified as “business practices involving initiatives that benefit society” (Carney & Lymer, 2015). Corporate Social Responsibility can may have to do with an organization being aware of the environment, therefore going…show more content…
This was shown within the Disney alligator attack for example, although the crisis was well handled, most stakeholders are aware of the positive reputation Disney have created. Their corporate social responsibly is focused around “the environment, community, and labor standards while focusing heavily on volunteerism. The Company continues to give to charity, with an increased focus on natural disasters such as the earthquakes in Haiti in 2010” (Business Review USA, 2013). This therefore displaying the positive footprint left within the community, allowing some room for error within stakeholder perceptions. With corporate social responsibility, credibility can be formed by organizations stakeholders as they positively view organizations that are invested in giving back. In the case of Lego, an example of a stakeholder is their consumers, through the creation of more Lego sites, consumers can now play with the Lego for free and engage with others in their community while doing so. Public relations allows for the publishing of an organizations corporate social responsibility through its communication channel to stakeholders, this in turn benefits their reputation and overall relationship with those involved within the organization. “Public relations can improve relationships with constituents and improve an organizations
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