The Tale Of Tulisa Vs The Disney Film The Beauty And The Beast

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The Indian The Tale of Tulisa and the Disney film the Beauty and the Beast both consist of a beautiful woman who ends up in a relationship with a king who attributes characteristics of wild beasts. Although these two stories are from entirely different cultures, they both have strikingly high amounts of similarities as well as differences. One similarity that is apparent between the two works is the misogynistic view of women implied in each story, some blunt and some hidden within screenplay. For instance, in The Tale of Tulisa, Tulisa is not allowed to decide for herself if she can marry or not and in the Beauty and the Beast Gaston, the overly manly man, exemplifies his dominance over women repeatedly throughout the story. In addition to this, the two stories also exemplify congruence through the main woman character within each respective account breaking the curse that was upon the king. On the contrary to these similarities, the two tales differ in the way that the marriages occur; One resulting from an arranged marriage and one stemming from love. In both the Tale of Tulisa and the Beauty and the Beast, the role and value of woman are portrayed as lesser in comparison of women. In The Tale of Tulisa, we are told that Tulisa responds to the beast’s request for marriage with the fact that “… only her father could decide;…”. This reveals that Tulisa was viewed as her father’s property rather than an individual, as she could only do what she wanted to do if her father

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