The Target Of The Campaign

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Industry Component Campaign Overview The target of the campaign was to increase customer awareness of the products, boost traffic to the official website and to reach potential customers. As unable to track conversion, we aimed at using email subscriptions and worked on the awareness building to pay off in future sales. We constructed the campaigns to match the more ordinary search queries for accessories and style. We used keywords of different levels of specificity; from more generic to long tail. The generic keywords performed significantly better than more specific ones. Search volumes in general were extremely low. Table 1 Impressions Clicks CTR Avg. CPC Budget Target 15000 150 3% $1.66 $250 Result(Total) 168060 160 0.10% $1.56 …show more content…

Minor changes such as adjusting single bids or optimizing keywords, were made independently by each team member. In addition, we also used LMS, message and email where we discussed challenges, notified our client about the changes we made, and kept up the good spirit. Evolution of the Campaign Strategy Campaign Structure We started with a broad campaign structure, but soon realized that it resulted in low quality and bad relevance. Thus, we added more specified AdGroups, which enabled us to better match keywords with AdGroups, ad copy, and landing page. The results of the structural changes can be seen in the figure below. The point of April 16 indicates the moment of change. Figure 1 Budget Originally, the budget was planned to emphasize the first and the third week of the campaign, but as the structural changes, we planned to divide our budget into 2 AdGroups as following. Table 2 AdGroup Style Sunglasses Budget Week 1 $25 (10%) $58 (23%) Budget Week 2 $25 (10%) $58 (23%) Budget Week 3 $25 (10%) $58 (23%) From the beginning, most of our budget (69 %) was allocated for the AdGroup “Sunglasses” (see Table 2). Our strategy was to advertise directly about “Wooden Sunglasses” and use part of budget to improve brand awareness and SEO of landing page. The keywords in AdGroup “Style” proved itself as the most efficient way in driving impression since their search volumes were significantly higher than the volumes in campaigns “Sunglasses”.

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