The Tea House By Lao She

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In the play, Tea House, by Lao She, was set in an old tea house in Beijing. The author explores the purpose of the tea house as a mean of gathering for people to tell their tales. It also serves as an organizing principle and a drama stage for people to re-enact people 's lives in Beijing, as an eyewitness to social and political changes. Lao She was a Chinese novelist and dramatist. Lao She was one of the most significant figures of the 20th century in China for his vivid use of the Beijing dialect in his literature. Unfortunately, Lao She committed suicide by drowning himself in a lake after being beaten and publicly humiliated by the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution in 1966. In the play, Lao She places the character 's lives in different sociohistorical contexts in the hope that they will elicit a sense of direction, which according to him was lacking in modern Chinese history. Lao She sets out three acts. One in 1898, 1917, and 1945 that represented major stages in modern Chinese history from the collapse of the Qing Dynasty, the failure of the Republican revolution, and the downfall of the Nationalist government. The play also consisted of nearly seventy characters who came from different Chinese occupational background. There are tea house waiters, a Manchu, a eunuch, a fortune-teller, a marriage broker, a story-teller, an opera singer, a banquet caterer, a peasant, a gangster, a school teacher, students, soldiers, secret police, and a modern business person.
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