The Teaching And Learning Cycle

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Assignment 1.2: The Teaching and Learning Cycle

a) Teaching and Learning Cycle
The teaching and learning cycle is about how we assess and teach learners and the different stages of teaching and learning. There are four stages in the teaching and learning cycle: initial and diagnostic assessment, course and lesson planning, teaching and learning, and assessment and review (summative and formative assessment). Each stage is key in determining what happens in the next stage and that ‘the cycle involves a complex interweaving of the two’: teaching and learning (Derrick and Gawn, in Schwab and Hughes 2010: 282. Gravells suggest that for teaching and learning to be effective, all stages must be addressed (Gravells 2012).
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I will use the example of a learner and for this, I will call her Learner A.
Learner A arrives at CANDI with the aim to improve her literacy skills. She would like to do a training course to teach drama. Her first initial meeting is with one of the basic skills staff, usually a Literacy teacher, who conducts a short interview to find out about Learner A’s previous educational and work experience, her goals and aspirations, any special educational support needs, and basic information about her interests and family.
After the initial meeting, the teacher judges what level the learner should be assessed. The teacher gives Learner A the Entry 3 Literacy Diagnostic Assessment from Excellence Gateway (app 1.1). Learner A completes the test as expected and is placed in an Entry 3 course. The test made clear Learner A’s error pattern in spelling and punctuation.
The teacher meets with Learner A again draws up the ILP. The results from the Diagnostic Assessment enables the teacher to set targets in her ILP (app 1.2). At CANDI the ILP Is drawn up online using SMART targets; targets that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time based. This online system allows the teacher to set the learning targets but

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