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Teaching physical education is one field of teaching that involves a lot of flexibility. Not just physical flexibility, but flexibility to adapt and adjust to students and curriculum that is require. There are three distinct teaching styles that teachers should use in order to give their students a more well-rounded education. There is direct, indirect, interactive teaching. Each strategy can be applied to physical education and is important be incorporated into a teacher’s syllabus to guarantee that their students learn. The first teaching style mentioned was the direct approach. It is also known as systematic or active teaching. Direct teaching is an integral part of the teaching process. This approach is an upfront and straightforward teaching style that puts a huge amount of responsibility on the teacher to convey knowledge in a manner that gives specific direction, while generating a specific response from the student. To put it simply the teacher role is going to be very active in a sense that he or she is going to be the major provider of information in knowledge in the classroom environment. This means that the teacher’s ability to correctly and efficiently deliver the course lesson is pivotal in accomplishing student understanding.
There are seven key components to direct teaching that ensure this. State learning objectives and prepare them for the lesson, review the skills and concepts that will be necessary for the lesson, presenting the material, give guided

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