The Theory Of Frederick Winslow Taylor 's Principle Of Scientific Management

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It is important to understand the manager’s role today along with the workforce diversity as it became a current main issue relating to management. Therefore, Taylor’s and Contingency theories are being critically analysed in this regard.

First theory is Frederick Winslow Taylor’s Principle of Scientific Management that was published in 1911. It was part of the Classical Approach which refers to the first studies of management that occurred in the early 20 century that emphasised predominantly on rationality and efficiency. It was believed that effectiveness and efficiency are essential to maintain a competitive edge. Taylor’s theory is accepted and have been applied worldwide, as a result, he became known as the ‘father’ of scientific
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Likewise, McDonalds has also adopted Taylor’s theory to their workforce by identifying the ‘one best way’ of completing the required tasks in each food station, detailed instruction for each carried out tasks and meticulously select and training of the suitable staff with incentives. Since McDonald is a big global franchising business with more than 34,000 stores in 118 countries that sells hamburgers on every continent, well apart from Antarctica, its focus are mostly on efficiency and nothing is left to chance. For example, the hamburger patties are prepacked and pre- measured and delivered to the store in a frozen form that will then need to cook for a certain amount of time and ready for constructing a burger. Considering amount of millions hamburgers they sells everyday, this approach of management have save McDonalds tons of time.
Equivalently, Henry Ford was also inspired by Taylor’s idea of scientific management and ultimately, applied Taylor’s theory to his manufacturing procedures of the Model T automobile.
Correspondingly, all three examples have some sort of a standardised production process to achieve greatest consistency. It can be depicted as the theory that performs best with specific basic work tasks.
Although Taylor’s scientific management seems like an easy, simple perfect approach, it does come with several limitations. These includes, from a worker’s viewpoint, they might feel that the employment opportunities are
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