The Theory Of Human Nature

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Human nature can be explained to be certain characteristics and behavioral traits that everyone as humans, no matter were we come from or what we believe in or do not believe in, share or have in common. Throughout the years human nature has been a topic that various philosophers have tried to figure out or understand, but it is something they, even after multiple attempts and immensely thought out processes and experiments, have lacked the tools and knowledge necessary to fully comprehend and provide reasonable perceptions and reasoning for it. “ According to a legend of ancient Greek philosophy, the students at Plato’s Academy tried to unassailably define the phrase ‘ human being’ ( Austin 71).” Even though humans have failed to …show more content…

It was not until later, when the population began to grow bigger and became more diverse, that society and members of society started to disagree with the ideas and mentality shared by these master morality leaders and caused them to rebel against the gods and superior figures because of the disapproval of their propositions. In “ Reading The World: Ideas That Matter” it states that there was once a third human kind “… who grew so strong that they challenged the gods and were each split into two incomplete halves ( Austin 74).” This helps support and gives a trustful idea that at a certain point in life, us, humans had the same perceptions of things, but later drifted to having multiple point of views because they started to oppose views of those who shared them. These multiple diverged points of views still transmitted into today’s society because, even now more than ever, we see how each individual can have a complete different way of viewing things and also how their ideas may be farther apart from what most of us now a days consider normal or the “ right thing”. Ayn Rand is the perfect example to demonstrate how the drifting apart of shared ideas and mentality made its road all the way to present day. Ayn Rand was a writer and philosopher who believed in objectivism in human life. Rand was a very outspoken person who expressed her ideas and beliefs freely. In the You Tube video

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