Entwistle: Relationship Between Christianity And Psychology

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The readers of this book are challenged with the impression of how Christianity and psychology odds with each other. The idea is actually presented in a manner that makes it impossible for theology and psychology to exist with one another due to their general nature. According to this book, theology is basically based on faith while psychology is based on absolute truth. Entwistle (2010) poses a brilliant idea by suggesting that the interaction of theology and psychology is inevitable. These interactions are brought about by the common interest of the two in comprehending mysteries and ambiguities of human behavior while also restoring mans brokenness. The main theme of this book is to show that theology and psychology, even …show more content…

16). This has clearly shown how science and matters pertaining faith have conflicted for a long period. This is brought about by the nature of science being direct antagonism to concepts of faith and the general ideology. Entwistle agrees with this whole notion of idea but puts it’s to be at persons assumptions. The author shows that psychologist understand they have faith biased when they are approaching their respective field of profession. This understanding is an idea that at some point as they admit they bend toward the faith ideology and this should be a ground base for science to proof the genius of Christ.
When we get further in the book we are able to understand the relationship among different disciplinary as the author has listed them, the author has shown the relationship between colonialist, spies, enemies allies and neutral parties. According to the antagonist, the enemies are likely to be Christians or secular, both opposing existence of a co-existence between science and faith in the psychological field (Entwistle, 2010). According to Entwistle (2010), the allies are considered to be the Christians with reasonable knowledge in psychology and only happen to be interested in the advantages of their own religious systems. Spies are the individuals who are there to observe the effect of faith on a person. According to Entwistle (20100), the colonialists are those who use parts of psychology so as they use them in their own ideology in accordance to

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