Japanese Interpersonal Relationships

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The first topic is about a worker's relation towards his or her workmates with consideration of the working culture and environment. There are three principal factors which affects interpersonal relationship at workplace, I think; tendency of finding a value in working hard, the hidden but strict rule of having worship for the boss, and the subjection of women. I will take up each factor.
First of all, I’ll describe the effect of Japanese tendency of finding value in working hard. One of the reason is that Japanese are concerned about how they are perceived by the others. I don’t know the absolute reason but Japanese tend to be a group oriented. In order not to disrupt the atmosphere at workplace, they pay much attention for their behavior. …show more content…

Here in Japan from right after the war to recent days, since the family style that the man work outside and earn money, and the woman keep their house and educate children had been common, some people still believed that men are good at working and women are not. That causes that men's forcing women to do indirect and supportive work, such as drawing tea, taking a copy or being a acceptance. There are two extreme examples. First, in a meeting on business, a company was suggesting idea to the partner company. At first, a woman of the suggesting company spoke, but the members of partner company didn't hear anything as if to say that suggestion by the woman was indifferent. However, the speaker changed from the woman to another man of the suggesting company, the listeners started to hear keenly with nodding even though he said completely the same thing as her. The other example is the complaint. A man had a complaint with a product, so went to a shop. The shop respond to the problem by appearing a responsible woman at the shop. However, the man didn't know she took in charge of the shop and said "the responsible person must appear!". He took it for granted that the responsible person was a man. As the examples show, there are still many idea of the subjection of women in Japan. Which makes hard to maintain pleasant relationship with anyone at

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