The Time Of Time Traveling

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The majority of us live our lives as it is in the moment now. Some us are always striving to look ahead to achieve greater things in life. But no matter what you do and how your outlook on life one thing remains the same for all which is time. You can look time as it’s a train that won 't stop moving no matter what and all on the same train whether we like it or not. So imagine this what if we could get off the train to board a slower one whereas the time moves slower. Since the time goes slower you age slower but when you re aboard the first train you’d be in the future relativity when you got off the first time; that’s the concept of time traveling. The idea of time traveling is popular among science fiction writers. You have the movie The Time Machine thanks to H.G Wells for his wonderful imagination to the famous everyone’s favorite Back to The Future. Many scientists and physicists used to get laughed and they weren’t taken serious for believing in time traveling but thanks to Einstein’s theory of relativity which opened doors to a lot of physicists trying to find ways to travel to the future. Thus, so time travel is a real possibility.
For you to believe I must address some issues first. Some people may argue that time doesn’t exist it is just a concept that humans made based on the earth orbiting around the sun so therefore, time travel is impossible. That once was believed to be the case, however, I’d like to point out Einstein’s theory of special relativity one
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