The Top Five Personal Values

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The top five personal values I consider most important are love, freedom, family security, equality, and recognition. These values all share the theme that they involve other people consider other people 's thoughts. The bottom five values I consider to be the least important are having a sense of accomplishment, union with God, pleasure, achievement, and dollar reward. These values appear to be more individualistic values. The bottom 5 values are still important in life, however, they personally appear to be less morally important. Personal values are what make a person. People are born to appreciate certain values better or learn how to. My values show that the thoughts of others greatly affect me more so, than my own personal values. This might be, because I have severe anxiety, and the thoughts of others are important to me Love, friendship and intimacy are most important values of all because these things can make people feel whole. Boyfriends, friends, and even family members may come and go but the feeling of being with these people will never be forgotten. Being loved and having a close personal bond with a person makes you feel safe and comfortable. Many philosophers believe humans are gregarious by nature, so we are bounded to be social with each other. However, being able to love someone else is just as satisfying as being loved. It 's the most important value because it prevents people from feeling alone and gives them a purpose in life. To love a person is to

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