The True Behavior Of Violent Video Game Players

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Austin Schuster
Composition & Critical Thinking
February 24, 2015
The True Behavior of Violent Video Game Players In October 1958, a Physicist named William Higinbotham successfully created the first interactive computer software purely for entertainment; a simple idea of two panels bouncing a dot between one another. This was later rebranded as the famous title Pong, the original that Higinbotham created was generated on an oscilloscope, which is a small computer designed to test electrical equipment. Today, video games are huge in terms of consumer acceptance, marketing, and digital file size. Video games are designed to be a fourth form of entertainment, joining books, movies, and television shows. However, the content has certainly always been changing within any given video game title; a larger, more recent genre known as first-person-shooters (FPS) or specific role-playing-games (RPGs), these types of video games are developed and rated by global software rating companies, worrying some consumers that most mature-themed video games will create violent behavior in a player. This speculation of violent video games affecting a person’s everyday behavior negatively is incorrect and ironically childish over a simple form of time consumption. There are many types of video games, such as classic platformers we all know like Super Mario Bros., Japanese side-scrolling shoot-em-ups (Opa-Opa), fantasy RPGs (Final Fantasy), recent addition of FPS like Destiny, and many more.

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