The Tyger Comparison

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In William Blake's poems "The Lamb" and "The Tyger," there aren't that many similarities, but there are a lot of differences. Blake's poems are similar in that he is asking who made each creature. When I read "The Lamb" I could hear the reverence and awe in his voice when he asked the lamb who created it, and I could hear it again when he told the lamb that God made it. However, when he asked the tyger who created it, I could hear fear and hatred in his voice. He didn't speak of the tyger in the same voice he did as the lamb.

In "The Lamb" he said, "Little Lamb, who made thee?/dost thou know who made thee?" (p. 120, 1-2). Where as, in "The Tyger" he says, "What immortal hand or eye/could form thy fearful symmetry?"(p. 129, 1-2). He innocently asks the lamb if it knows it's creator, yet fearfully asks the tyger who made it. It seems he almost demands who made the tyger, as if the tyger never should have been created because it is terrifying. The tyger is a fierce creature and it hunts and kills for its food, but the lamb does not because it eats grass. This is probably the reason why Blake speaks of the tyger is such an ill manner.
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He explains that God gave it food, water, life, clothing (his wool), and a tender voice. The rest of Blake's poem "The Lamb" is Blake describing how the lamb and Jesus are similar. He even tells the lamb that Jesus calls himself the lamb as well, "He is called by thy name/for he calls himself a lamb/he is meek and he is mild" (p.120, 13-15). He even explains that Jesus was born a child, just as an innocent lamb is a baby sheep; a child is an innocent baby human. At. End of the lamb Blake tells the lamb that all the children of God are also called lambs and that God blesses the lamb, "we are called by his name [lambs]. /little lamb God bless thee" (p. 120,
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