The Ugly Side Of Beauty

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McKenna Courtney
Mrs. Overberg
Literature/Compositions 1
10 March 2017
The Ugly Side of Beauty Today women do not understand how much they are really spending for such little amount of makeup product. The products they are buying are not always beneficial for the skin and many women do not even know what is in the products they are buying. Many companies that sell makeup products do not include all of the harmful ingredients on their packaging. Not only can makeup be expensive at times and be unhealthy for women, some companies test the products on animals that could be hurt in the process.

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What defines makeup? Makeup is a beauty product that can include cosmetics such as lipsticks or
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To add up the amount of time women spend on getting ready throughout a whole year, it would be a total of 355 hours. That is a total of 14 days spent getting ready. Women spend all of this time primping because they say it makes them feel better about themselves (Thapoung).
(5) At what age do women begin wearing makeup? At ages 10-12 most girls begin wearing very subtle makeup products such as lip glosses. Between the ages of 13-14 girls begin wearing much more noticeable products which include foundations, concealers, mascara, and types of powders (Grundy).
(6) Why do most women choose to wear makeup?
Most women choose to wear makeup because it makes hem feel confident, but many women choose not to wear makeup either out of rebellion, or because it takes too long. A study found that women who showed up to work wearing more makeup received higher tips from males, even more females gave higher tips when the waitress was wearing makeup. "Better- looking workers bring in more for the employers, just as a more intelligent worker will" (Donovan).

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(7) What does makeup do to the skin? Makeup can be the cause of something as little as a headache to something more concerning such as cancer. Because of the fragrances and ingredients in some makeup, the product itself can cause allergic reactions. Makeup can also be the cause of acne. This has to do with the oils in the product clogging people 's pores. Knowing this, it is probably best to invest
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