The United Arab Emirate 's Hotspot Destination

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Dubai is a sophisticated, metropolitan oasis in the Arabian Desert that has become the United Arab Emirate’s hotspot destination. Dubai offers many wonderful experiences, including fine dining, world renown shopping, one of the world’s finest seven-star hotels, and so much to do! Travelling abroad, whether it is for the first time or not, can be extremely exciting. However, in today’s day and age, travelling overseas is more than just packing your bags, buying a ticket, and hopping on to a plane. Travelling abroad requires planning for a lot of aspects including the documents one needs to have in order to safely travel and get back, what one should do while travelling with children, researching about where to stay, how to stay safe and secure, what to wear, what and how to pack and much, much more. This chapter will introduce and acquaint the international traveler with the various aspects that one needs to research and take care of when one plans for a trip to Dubai. A Brief History Located on a natural harbor, Dubai began as a small fishing village. In 1833, it was overtaken by the Al Maktum ruling family. Under this ruling family it became an important pearling port and by the early twentieth century it was second only to Kuwait among commercial ports on the Arab side of the Persian Gulf. Historically, the rulers have encouraged commercial development in Dubai which has attracted merchants from around the region. This has led to the development of large expatriate

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