Tourism During The Middle East Business News

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Before the discovery of the oil the economy of the UAE was dependent on fishing and pearl trade. The people were busy in farming dates, breeding camels and goats.Since the discovery of the oil in 1966, the country’s economy and society have changed considerably. Discovery of the oil boosted the economy and throughout 25 years the UAE has developed high living standards. The oil discovery attracted many foreigners to work in the UAE. Recognizing that the oil , the source that affects the economy, may soon be exhausted the government of the UAE thought of other factors that the economy can be reliable on such as trade zones and tourism. The article “UAE Focusses On Tourism to Boost Post-Oil Economy” from the Middle East Business News …show more content…

AlMansouri also said that there are plans to hold exhibitions in the largest tourism markets and that the goal of the “Emirates for Hospitality” is to improve local human resources in the tourism sector. There are some disadvantages with boosting tourism in the UAE. The first disadvantage that the boost of tourism brought to the country is that we lost our culture. Our rich cultural heritage are diminished.People became more westernized. Citizens don’t follow the dress standards and elders are frustrated. Moreover, some tourists often don’t respect the UAE’s traditions and culture such as not following traditional dress standards or getting drunk in public. The second disadvantage is that there are more traffic in the country. In fact, citizens avoid the famous malls and tourist destinations because of the traffic. There are number of advantages affecting the country and society from boosting tourism in the UAE. The first and the main advantage is that tourism brings money. As Almansouri noted "Estimates indicate that the tourism sector will contribute 5.4 percent annually over the next 10 years to reach AED 236.8 billion by year 2026." This means that the income produced from tourism can make up a noticeable percentage of the national income. The second advantage, is tourism will provide more jobs for the UAE locals and non-locals. Some of these jobs are hotels, transportation, shops, restaurants and other places that needs staffing. As a matter of

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