The United States

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The United States is considered to be greatest, pretentious country in the world for its immense opportunities. For the past 200 years, there were about 40 million people from countries throughout the world coming to this country. The main incentive for such a great migration of people was either escaping from poverty, or war in their country. For instance, the Irish in the early 19th century migrated to the US, because of the potato famine. The famine provoked utter economic disaster.. It is inevitable for anyone to escape such disastrous, and life-threatening events. The two options that are available are either enduring the horrific pain, or move to a country and start anew. History has showed us that those that are placed in these …show more content…

The creativity, and diligence by dad possessed allowed him to become the greatest construction worker in the company. The owner upgraded his position to a foreman. A foreman on a construction site makes sure concrete or delivery trucks get on time, and moreover make sure the people on his site are working safely. Ever since I was a little kid, I witnessed how my dad went about his life as a construction worker. It is an exceedingly strenuous, and dangerous job. There are countless safety hazardous that have to be followed. Agencies like OSHA could show up randomly on construction sites to make sure safety rules were followed. Construction workers have to constantly be vigilant of their surroundings, because everything around is a work in progress. I never realized how dangerous my dad’s job was until one day he got in a chilling accident. One spring afternoon, my dad was working on a construction site in Brooklyn. When he was walking up a ladder to examine something, the ladder slipped sending my dad flying one floor down. The floor height at the time was approximately 20 feet. The ambulance arrived and got him to the nearest hospital. At the time, I was coming home from middle school when I found out about the accident. The news shook me to my deepest core. Death was invariably on my mind. How can I lose a dad at such a young age. Miraculously, he only had painful bruises along his back. The doctor prescribed him pain relief

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