The United States ' Unchecked Immigration From Mexico Poses Two Major Challenges For The Us

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Two strong cases for the wall come from the works of Huntington and Gulasekaram who take two decidedly different tacks on the issue. On the one hand, Huntington never explicitly calls for a wall, but he outlines the fundamental rejigging of American society caused by unchecked Mexican migration, both legal and illegal and from this we can derive the need for creating a wall in order to defer some of these outcomes. For instance, he argues that historically, immigrants to America shared three characteristics – first, they were a diverse group from a variety of countries, second, they dispersed throughout the US unlike Mexicans who congregate in ethnic ghettos, and finally, they had no historic claim to American territory like Mexicans do (Huntington, 2009, para. 25).
Furthermore, Huntington (2009) argues that unchecked immigration from Mexico poses two major challenges for the US. First, it is changing the nature of the citizenry by turning the country bilingual and bicultural as more Hispanic enclaves sprout up, particularly in the South and Southwestern US (para. 16). Second, this issue is further complicated by the fact that it gives life to the ‘reconquista movement,’ a stealth way of taking back land from the US by way of socio-cultural appropriation. As this spreads, Huntington (2009) believes that migrants will wield greater political power and begin posing fundamental challenges more aspects of American society (para. 36). Seen from this view, a wall would be a
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