The United States Vs. Nixon Case

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I have learned many interesting and informative topics in this course but the three topics that I found the most compelling are the United States vs. Nixon case, the Necessary and Proper Clause, and Social Security. The United States vs. Nixon case fascinated me because it involved one of our former presidents. In 1972, President Richard Nixon was running for a reelection against Senator George McGovern, a Democrat. During this campaign, the Watergate scandal began. This scandal brought down President Nixon and revealed many of his secrets during his administration. Five burglars broke into the Democratic Headquarters located in the Watergate building complex in Washington, D.C. This is where the democratic national committee was located along with their offices which contained democratic papers, private information associated with Senator George McGovern, the vice president nominees, and there were also many other confidential files. These burglars got caught and were arrested. The burglars were recognized by few people and they turned out to be associated with the White House. Many folks thought they worked for the White House or were paid to break into the Democratic Headquarters. Americans were starting to suspect President Nixon. President Nixon disregarded this and told the American people that he had nothing to do with this. Eventually Congress started to investigate the President. During the case hearing, someone revealed that President Nixon has tapes of
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